The Third Stage of the Realisation of the Universal Self

The first aspect of the realization of the universal Self is the sense of the “container” within which everything is manifested. The second aspect or stage is to recognize the divine reality of the “contained”, the forms and beings that are manifested within the universe. The third aspect is the integral and omnipresent encompassing both the “container” and the “contained” while still exceeding them, all without opposition or contradiction, but as one unified and complete experience.

Sri Aurobindo explains: “The individual mind, life and body which we recoiled from as not our true being, we shall recover as a true becoming of the Self, but no longer in a purely individual narrowness. We shall take up the mind not as a separate mentality imprisoned in a petty motion, but as a large movement of the universal mind, the life not as an egoistic activity of vitality and sensation and desire, but as a free movement of the universal life, the body not as a physical prison of the soul but as a subordinate instrument and detachable robe, realising that also as a movement of universal Matter, a cell of the cosmic Body. We shall come to feel all the consciousness of the physical world as one with our physical consciousness, feel all the energies of the cosmic life around as our own energies, feel all the heart-beats of the great cosmic impulse and seeking in our heart-beats set to the rhythm of the divine Ananda, feel all the action of the universal mind flowing into our mentality and our thought-action flowing out upon it as a wave into that wide sea. This unity embracing all mind, life and matter in the light of a supramental Truth and the pulse of a spiritual Bliss will be to us our internal fulfilment of the Divine in a complete cosmic consciousness.”

“Self-knowledge and world-knowledge must be made one in the all-ensphering knowledge of the Brahman.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Two: The Yoga of Integral Knowledge, Chapter 10, The Realisation of the Cosmic Self, pp. 356-357

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