Realisation of Cosmic Consciousness In Mind, Life and Body

When the mind raises itself to a plane of peace, wideness and timelessness, it can achieve a form of realization of cosmic consciousness. From that standpoint it is possible to reflect the higher light into the outer existence. Not generally recognized however is the ability to achieve a form of cosmic consciousness within the realm of body-life-mind directly. The underlying principle of course is that all existence is One, and has an inherent unity which can then be realized within any plane of existence.

Sri Aurobindo elaborates: “Not only Spirit is one, but Mind, Life, Matter are one. There is one cosmic Mind, one cosmic Life, one cosmic Body. All the attempt of man to arrive at universal sympathy, universal love and the understanding and knowledge of the inner soul of other existences is an attempt to beat thin, breach and eventually break down by the power of the enlarging mind and heart the walls of the ego and arrive nearer to a cosmic oneness.”

It then becomes possible to follow a methodology within life itself: “And if we can by the mind and heart get at the touch of the Spirit, receive the powerful inrush of the Divine into this lower humanity and change our nature into a reflection of the divine nature by love, by universal joy, by oneness of mind with all Nature and all beings, we can break down the walls. Even our bodies are not really separate entities and therefore our very physical consciousness is capable of oneness with the physical consciousness of others and of the cosmos. The Yogin is able to feel his body one with all bodies, to be aware of and even to participate in their affections; he can feel constantly the unity of all Matter and be aware of his physical being as only a movement of its movement. Still more is it possible for him to feel constantly and normally the whole sea of the infinite life as his true vital existence and his own life as only a wave of that boundless surge. And more easily yet is it possible for him to unite himself in mind and heart with all existences, be aware of their desires, struggles, joys, sorrows, thoughts, impulses, in a sense as if they were his own, at least as occurring in his larger self hardly less intimately or quite as intimately as the movements of his own heart and mind. This too is a realization of cosmic consciousness.”

Even for those not consciously practicing Yoga, there are times and circumstances where they get a glimpse of this inherent oneness. Who has not experienced being overcome by a wave of emotion built up in a crowd of people; subtler reactions such as the sudden sharing of emotion or idea with someone. What makes such experiences possible is the inherent Oneness that lies at the base of body, life and mind, and thus, allows, when the consciousness widens even a tiny bit to open to the experience of other beings, the sharing of thought, feeling and even physical sensation.

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Two: The Yoga of Integral Knowledge, Chapter 15, The Cosmic Consciousness, pp. 397-398