The Union of Knowledge With Will and Divine Love

For the seeker who takes up the path of Knowledge, there comes a time when the aspects of Will and Divine Love join to enhance and complete the practice. Sri Aurobindo reminds us that: “The Divine meets us in many aspects and to each of them knowledge is the key, so that by knowledge we enter into and possess the infinite and Divine in every way of our being, sarvabhavena (Gita), and receive him into us and are possessed by him in every way of ours.”

The Knowledge referred to here is not some kind of intellectual knowing, not, in fact, what we consider to be knowledge in our various educational systems. Rather, Knowledge is something acquired through Oneness with the object of knowledge, in this case, the Divine Being. That Oneness provides us with “knowledge by identity” which does not require words to understand or explain itself. “But knowledge is not complete without works; for the Will in being also is God and not the being or its self-aware silent existence alone, and if works finds their culmination in knowledge, knowledge also finds its fulfilment in works.”

“And, here too, love is the crown of knowledge; for love is the delight of union, and unity must be conscious of joy of union to find all the riches of its own delight. Perfect knowledge indeed leads to perfect love, integral knowledge to a rounded and multitudinous richness of love.”

” ‘He who knows me,’ says the Gita, ‘as the supreme Purusha’,–not only as the immutable oneness, but in the many-souled movement of the Divine and as that, superior to both, in which both are divinely held,– ‘he, because he has the integral knowledge, seeks me by love in every way of his being.’ ”

“This is the trinity of our powers, the union of all three in God to which we arrive when we start from knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Three: The Yoga of Divine Love, Chapter 1, Love and the Triple Path, pp. 521-522