The Integral Way of Yoga Reconciles the Paths of Knowledge, Love and Works

Just as there is a tendency in the exclusive focus on Knowledge to denigrate the path of Devotion, or for the devotee to look down upon the way of Knowledge, both of these tend to look up Works in the world as something lower, distracting and ultimately something to be avoided as it will interfere with their higher seeking. This view however is partial and founded on the initial misconception that arises when the practitioner identifies so closely with his own path or practice that he fails to recognize that each path finds its way eventually to the Divine, and that none of them are complete without the others.

Sri Aurobindo clarifies the question: “But works are only thus outward and distracting when we have not found oneness of will and consciousness with the Supreme. When once that is found, works become the very power of knowledge and the very outpouring of love. If knowledge is the very state of oneness and love its bliss, divine works are the living power of its light and sweetness.”

“But still the widest love fulfilled in knowledge sees the world not as something other and hostile to this joy, but as the being of the Beloved and all creatures as his being, and in that vision divine works find their joy and their justification.”

However one starts on the path, the integral seeker eventually will find that all of these powers must support one another and manifest as aspects of one complete identification with the Divine: “It may commence with the way of love, as with the way of knowledge or of works; but where they meet, is the beginning of its joy of fulfilment. Love it cannot miss, even if it does not start from it; for love is the crown of works and the flowering of knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Three: The Yoga of Divine Love, Chapter 1, Love and the Triple Path, pp. 526-527

1 thought on “The Integral Way of Yoga Reconciles the Paths of Knowledge, Love and Works

  1. Union with the dIvine and then with Him in oneness, follow works, is the way of joy and fulfilment.The flame of will and the flame of humility on psychic level with true higher vital held upright necessarily.

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