The Main Principle of the Yoga of Love and Devotion

Each path of Yoga focuses on an aspect or power of the being, which it then works to transform and refocus on the Divine. While the path of works, focuses on the power of the will in action, and the path of knowledge focuses on the intelligent reasoning power of the mind, the path of devotion aims to turn the focus and intensify the action of the emotional powers of the being.

Just as each path utilizes a different capability of the human being, so each one focuses its effort on attainment of a different aspect of the Divine. The Yoga of knowledge will seek the stillness, peace and infinite awareness of the Divine consciousness; the Yoga of works will seek the transformation of all action into an expression of the Divine Will; and the Yoga of devotion seeks to bring about the joy or bliss of union with the Divine Presence.

Sri Aurobindo describes the Yoga of devotion thus: “Its main principle is to adopt some human relation between man and the Divine Being by which through the ever intenser flowing of the heart’s emotions towards him the human soul may at last be wedded to and grow one with him in a passion of divine Love.”

The emotional nature is fully engaged: “Every feeling that can make the heart ready for this ecstasy the Yoga admits; everything that detracts from it must increasingly drop away as the strong union of love becomes closer and more perfect.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Three: The Yoga of Divine Love, Chapter 3, The Godward Emotions, pg. 537

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