The God-Lover as the God-Knower

The mind tries to create an artificial separation between the paths of knowledge, works, and love. While each follows its own primary line of development, at a certain point they all can recognize the aspects of each other. For the seeker of the Yoga of love and devotion, the early stages may include an exclusive concentration on the heart and the emotional development of the nature, but eventually, the Bhakta can realize the truths of Oneness that accompany the practice of the Yoga of knowledge, as Sri Aurobindo observes:

“This integral devotion of our being to God does not turn away from knowledge; the Bhakta of this path is the God-lover who is also the God-knower, because by knowledge of his being comes the whole delight of his being; but is in delight that knowledge fulfils itself, the knowledge of the transcendent in the delight of the Transcendent, the knowledge of the universal in the delight of the universal Godhead, the knowledge of the individual manifestation in the delight of God in the individual, the knowledge of the impersonal in the pure delight of his impersonal being, the knowledge of the personal in the full delight of his personality, the knowledge of his qualities and their play in the delight of the manifestation, the knowledge of the qualityless in the delight of his colourless existence and non-manifestation.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Three: The Yoga of Divine Love, Chapter 6, The Delight of the Divine, pg. 565


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