Becoming Aware of the Ananda Brahman

Behind all the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, behind the joy and the sorrow, the pleasure and the pain that accompanies actions in the world, there is a Reality which is silent, unmoving, and yet holds an unchanging and unconditioned bliss of existence. There are moments in the life of the spiritual seeker where this realisation becomes paramount and one is in touch with this impersonal bliss, known in the texts as “Ananda” and it sustains the seeker in all circumstances. The Taittiriya Upanishad references this experience: “Lo, this that is well and beautifully made, verily it is no other than the delight behind existence. When he hath gotten him this delight, then it is that this creature becometh a thing of bliss; for who could labour to draw in the breath or who could have strength to breathe it out, if there were not that Bliss in the heaven of his heart, the ether within his being?” (Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, Taittiriya Upanishad, Brahmanandavalli, Ch. 7, pg. 271)

Sri Aurobindo observes: “The beginning of the heart’s attraction to the Divine may be impersonal, the touch of an impersonal joy in something universal or transcendent that has revealed itself directly or indirectly to our emotional or our aesthetic being or to our capacity of spiritual felicity. That which we thus grow aware of is the Ananda Brahman, the bliss existence. There is an adoration of an impersonal Delight and Beauty, of a pure and an infinite perfection to which we can give no name or form, a moved attraction of the soul to some ideal and infinite Presence, Power, existence in the world or beyond it, which in some way becomes psychologically or spiritually sensible to us and then more and more intimate and real. That is the call, the touch of the bliss existence upon us.”

The soul so touched works to harmonize his inner and outer existence to this experience, and to find a way to live constantly in the presence of this ineffable bliss.

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Three: The Yoga of Divine Love, Chapter 7, The Ananda Brahman, pp. 567-568

One thought on “Becoming Aware of the Ananda Brahman

  1. What a grace. The Lord reallly hears us.All is one , all are united.
    I just read this last night from page567 to 568.Bless my family and my children! Oh timeless in Time. Ipray. Let there be harmony and happiness all around.Thank you Hari Om Tat Sat.

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