Developing a Yogic Method Utilizing Knowledge, Works & Love Together

Historically, practitioners of Yoga followed the primary line of advancement that most clearly suited their natural tendencies. Thus we see a fragmentation into the Yoga of knowledge, the Yoga of works and the Yoga of love and devotion, with each one referencing a different aspect of the human being’s capacities. Each one can indeed lead the seeker to the highest realisations, and as Sri Aurobindo has described, at a certain stage they even begin to meld into one another and acquire the full realisations on all levels.

Sri Aurobindo therefore raises the question as to whether a process could be developed whereby all three would be operative within the seeker simultaneously, in a multi-faceted strategy that would begin to address the needs of all parts of the being rather than simply moving ahead on one line while leaving the others, at least temporarily, far behind.

“…a more difficult, complex, wholly powerful process would be to start, as it were, on three lines together, on a triple wheel of soul-power. But the consideration of this possibility must be postponed till we have seen what are the conditions and means of the Yoga of self-perfection. For we shall see that this also need not be postponed entirely, but a certain preparation of it is part of and a certain initiation into it proceeds by the growth of the divine works, love and knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 1, The Principle of the Integral Yoga, pp. 588-589