The Unity and Harmony of Individual Being With Universal Being

The apparent opposition and conflict we experience as the ego confronts an apparently indifferent or hostile Nature, is part of the method of Nature to develop and evolve consciousness from its involved state in Matter to the eventual “unity with diversity” that would characterize the expression of the supramental Truth of unity with the supramental implementation of diversity. In actual fact, all of Nature is one and unified, even in its seeming oppositions. We can observe the codependent and symbiotic relationship of each to all wherever we turn our gaze in the natural world. We see this even in the relationship between plants which breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen, and all animal species, including man, which breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Clearly, we must have a thriving natural world in order for our own existence and survival.

Sri Aurobindo elaborates on the relation between the universal creation and the individual: “This conflict is a rendering of the underlying unity, which assumes the aspect of a struggle by a necessity of the original separation; the two pieces into which mind has cut the oneness, rush upon each other to restore the oneness and each tries to seize on and take into itself the separated portion. Universe seems to be always trying to swallow up man, the infinite to resume this finite which stands on its self-defence and even replies by aggression. But in real fact the universal being through this apparent struggle is working out its purpose in man, though the key and truth of the purpose and working is lost to his superficial conscious mind, only held obscurely in an underlying subconscient and only known luminously in an overruling superconscient unity.”

The resistance and opposition acts to enhance man’s growth and development by putting up challenges and opportunities to exercise the various powers of mind, life and body and bring them to their peak of development. Even through this process, however, there is a hidden seeking after the oneness which permeates all existence: “Man also is impelled towards unity by a constant impulse of extension of his ego, which identifies itself as best it can with other egos and with such portions of the universe as he can physically, vitally, mentally get into his use and possession. As man aims at knowledge and mastery of his own being, so also he aims at knowledge and mastery of the environmental world of nature, its objects, its instrumentation, its beings. First he tries to effect this aim by egoistic possession, but, as he develops, the element of sympathy born of the secret oneness grows in him and he arrives at the idea of a widening cooperation and oneness with other beings, a harmony with universal Nature and universal being.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 4, The Perfection of the Mental Being, pg. 614