The Status of Oneness and Bliss Is the Ultimate Development of Spiritual Self-Perfection

The ultimate development of spiritual self-perfection comes when the entire consciousness and the active nature reflect the Oneness of all existence. The ego-consciousness lives in the illusion of separateness and division, and thus, puts itself at odds with the rest of the creation. By doing so, it is consistently striving to aggrandise itself at the expense of others, and to protect itself from the onslaught of others who will otherwise aggrandise themselves at its expense. When the consciousness shifts to the divine standpoint, however, everything is recognized as one totality, a “reality omnipresent”. The two Upanishadic dicta, “All this is the Brahman” and “One without a second” are recognized for their deep and inherent truth and validity when seen together and not artificially put at odds with one another. When the individual merges with the Brahman in all aspects and ways of his being, not just in a silent immutable Absolute, but in the divine manifestation of the universal creation, there is the recognition of the Oneness and Bliss that Sri Aurobindo references:

“The Siddha or perfected soul will live in union with the Purushottama in this Brahmic consciousness, he will be conscious in the Brahman that is the All, sarvam brahma, in the Brahman infinite in being and infinite in quality, anantam brahma, in Brahman as self-existent consciousness and universal knowledge, jnanam brahma, in Brahman as the self-existent bliss and its universal delight of being, anandam brahma. He will experience all the universe as the manifestation of the One, all quality and action as the play of his universal and infinite energy, all knowledge and conscious experience as the outflowing of that consciousness, and all in the terms of that one Ananda. His physical being will be one with all material Nature, his vital being with the life of the universe, his mind with the cosmic mind, his spiritual knowledge and will with the divine knowledge and will both in itself and as it pours itself through these channels, his spirit with the one spirit in all beings. All the variety of cosmic existence will be changed to him in that unity and revealed in the secret of its spiritual significance. For in this spiritual bliss and being he will be one with That which is the origin and continent and inhabitant and spirit and constituting power of all existence. This will be the highest reach of self-perfection.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 10, The Elements of Perfection, pp. 669-670