The Psychological Changes Inherent in the Development of Equality in the Yogic Process

From the human standpoint, we judge all things that occur as if we were both the center of the universe and the arbiters of whether something is “good” or “bad”. This keeps us locked into and bound by the play of the Gunas, the attractions and repulsions of the dualities, and the ego-personality which is attached to and affected by these constant changes in the world of existence. Sri Aurobindo refers to these things as the surface waves that get thrown up during the motion of the depths. With a goal of transcending this human consciousness and taking on of the divine standpoint, it is essential to recognize that all of these reactions and judgments need to be surpassed and replaced by the view of the Divine carrying out his intention in the universal creation. By taking on the divine standpoint, we naturally begin to see the sense and purpose of even those things that we personally would reject, and to appreciate the wider, deeper and more comprehensive complex process that weaves together the entire creation and its evolutionary motion.

Sri Aurobindo observes: “The supreme conscious Being in his divine knowledge and will and love governs their evolution–to our ignorance so often a cruel confusion and distraction–from these depths and is not troubled by the clamour of the surface. The divine nature does not share in our gropings and our passions; when we speak of the divine wrath or favour or of God suffering in man, we are using a human language which mistranslates the inner significance of the movement we characterise. We see something of the real truth of them when we rise out of the phenomenal mind into the heights of the spiritual being. For then we perceive that whether in the silence of self or in its action in the cosmos, the Divine is always Sachchidananda, an infinite existence, an infinite consciousness and self-founded power of conscious being, an infinite bliss in all his existence. We ourselves begin to dwell in an equal light, strength, joy–the psychological rendering of the divine knowledge, will and delight in self and things which are the active universal outpourings from those infinite sources. In the strength of that light, power and joy a secret self and spirit within us accepts and transforms always into food of its perfect experience the dual letters of the mind’s transcript of life, and if there were not the hidden greater existence even now within us, we could not bear the pressure of the universal force or subsist in this great and dangerous world. A perfect equality of our spirit and nature is a means by which we can move back from the troubled and ignorant outer consciousness into this inner kingdom of heaven and possess the spirit’s eternal kingdoms,…, of greatness, joy and peace. That self-elevation to the divine nature is the complete fruit and the whole occasion of the discipline of equality demanded from us by the self-perfecting aim in Yoga.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 11, The Perfection of Equality, pp. 671-672