The Poise of Equality and the Integral Yoga

The integral Yoga involves the seeker in both attaining spiritual realisation and then acting as a clear and free instrument of the Divine Will as it expresses itself in the manifestation and the evolutionary process. The seeker of the integral Yoga thus needs to widen his understanding and viewpoint to be able to see the actual state of affairs within himself and in the world, and do so without being either unduly upset or precipitate in his responses; rather, he needs to reflect the wide, calm, equal status of the Divine within himself and act without the disturbances brought about by the ego and its desires and its frustrated sense of weakness when facing the immensity of the task or the reality of the world “as it is”.

Sri Aurobindo provides a comprehensive insight into the poise required by the integral seeker: “First, he must acquire that equal assent and understanding which will respond to the law of the divine action without trying to impose on it a partial will and the violent claim of a personal aspiration. A wise impersonality, a quiescent equality, a universality which sees all things as the manifestations of the Divine, the one Existence, is not angry, troubled, impatient with the way of things or on the other hand excited, over-eager and precipitate, but sees that the law must be obeyed and the pace of time respected, observes and understands with sympathy the actuality of things and beings, but looks also behind the present appearance to their inner significances and forward to the unrolling of their divine possibilities, is the first thing demanded of those who would do works as the perfect instruments of the Divine.”

It is also essential to not simply use this basic equality as an excuse for indolence in the evolutionary process. “Man is the instrument of an evolution which wears at first the mask of a struggle, but grows more and more into its truer and deeper sense of a constant wise adjustment and must take on in a rising scale the deepest truth and significance–now only underlying the adjustment and struggle–of a universal harmony. The perfected human soul ust always be an instrument for the hastening of the ways of this evolution. For that a divine power acting with the royalty of the divine will in it must be in whatever degree present in the nature.”

“The Divine acts with a mighty power in the myriad workings of the universe, but with the supporting light and force of an imperturbable oneness, freedom and peace. That must be the type of the perfected soul’s divine works. And equality is the condition of the being which makes possible this changed spirit in the action.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 11, The Perfection of Equality, pp. 673-674