Possessing the World As the Divine Possesses It

The three primary methods of gaining equality to the events and forces that impinge upon the individual from the world at large, while starting from the various aspects of the Yoga of knowledge, Yoga of works and Yoga of love and devotion, all lead to the accomplishment of two major types of result. Sri Aurobindo notes: “These three ways coincide in spite of their separate starting-points, first, by their inhibition of the normal reactions of the mind to the touches of outward things,…, secondly, by their separation of the self or spirit from the outward action of Nature.” These results however only take us to the upper limit of the capacity of the human instruments, and do not, of themselves, bring about the complete fullness of equality. That only comes with the shift to the divine standpoint from the human standpoint. They are primarily negative or passive forms of equality, rather than positive, active forms.

“But it is evident that our perfection will be greater and more embracingly complete, if we can have a more active equality which will enable us not only to draw back from or confront the world in a detached and separate calm, but to return upon it and possess it in the power of the calm and equal Spirit. This is possible because the world, Nature, action are not in fact a quite separate thing, but a manifestation of the Self, the All-Soul, the Divine.”

The human viewpoint tends to limit or fragment the awareness to create an illusion of difference and separateness. The divine standpoint integrates everything into its natural state of Oneness and completeness. “Once we return to the full consciousness of Self, of God, we can then put a true divine value on things and receive and act on them with the calm, joy, knowledge, seeing will of the Spirit. When we begin to do that, then the soul begins to have an equal joy in the universe, an equal will dealing with all energies, an equal knowledge which takes possession of the spiritual truth behind all the phenomena of this divine manifestation. It possesses the world as the Divine possesses it, in a fullness of the infinite light, power and Ananda.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 12, The Way of Equality, pg. 686


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