A Yoga of Positive and Active Equality

The three primary methodologies used to establish equality in the response to the stimuli of the world are all based on the passive ability to either withstand or withdraw response to those stimuli. For a Yoga that seeks to achieve realisation through abandonment of the world and its evolutionary manifestation, these methods may be sufficient; for the integral Yoga, which embraces all of life as the field of the divine manifestation, something further is required–a positive and active form of equality that maintains the calm, balanced response while the being is carrying out the action it is called upon to undertake in the world.

Sri Aurobindo describes the methodology for this to take place: “This requires, first, a new knowledge which is the knowledge of unity,–to see all things as oneself and to see all things in God and God in all things. There is then a will of equal acceptance of all phenomena, all events, all happenings, all persons and forces as masks of the Self, movements of the one energy, results of the one power in action, ruled by the one divine wisdom; and on the foundation of this will of greater knowledge there grows a strength to meet everything with an untroubled soul and mind. There must be an identification of myself with the self of the universe, a vision and a feeling of oneness with all creatures, a perception of all forces and energies and results as the movement of this energy of my self and therefore intimately my own; not, obviously, of my ego-self which must be silenced, eliminated, cast away,–otherwise this perfection cannot come,–but of a greater impersonal or universal self with which I am now one. For my personality is now only one centre of action of that universal self, but a centre intimately in relation and unison with all other personalities and also with all those other things which are to us only impersonal objects and forces: but in fact they also are powers of the one impersonal Person (Purusha), God, Self and Spirit.”

This involves universalizing our awareness as well as spiritualising it, which brings the Ananda or joy of the universe as the manifestation of Sat-Chit-Ananda–Existence, Consciousness and Bliss of the Spirit that is and becomes the universal creation. “For to the equal knowledge of the universe and equal will of acceptance of the universe will be added an equal delight in all the cosmic manifestation of the Divine.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 12, The Way of Equality, pp. 686-687


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