The Need and Tools For Effective and Progressive Perfection and Transformation of the Nature

We see in every field of human endeavor that perfection is progressive and that continued focus and dedication, patience and persistent effort yield ever-greater results. The integral Yoga requires the enhancement of all powers of human life and activity and, since the goal includes the eventual transformation of the consciousness from the human standpoint to that of the divine standpoint, there must at some point be not only the peak of human perfection, but the transformative movement to exceed this level and be able to hold and utilize the force that eventuates without breaking the instrument or spilling the force.

Sri Aurobindo notes: “This perfection must rise constantly in its capacity for action, the energy and force of its working and a certain greatness of the scope of the total nature. They will then be ready for the transformation into their own supramental action in which they will find a more absolute, unified and luminous spiritual truth of the whole perfected nature.”

He goes on to note the psychological tools that can be applied to this effort: “…the principal conditions are will, self-watching and self-knowledge and a constant practice…of self-modification and transformation. The Purusha has that capacity; for the spirit within can always change and perfect the working of its nature. But the mental being must open the way by a clear and a watchful introspection, an opening of itself to a searching and subtle self-knowledge which will give it the understanding and to an increasing extent the mastery of its natural instruments, a vigilant and insistent will of self-modification and self-transformation–for to that will the Prakriti must with whatever difficulty and whatever initial or prolonged resistance eventually respond,–and an unfailing practice which will constantly reject all defect and perversion and replace it by right state and a right and enhanced working. Askesis, Tapasya, patience and faithfulness and rectitude of knowledge and will are the things required until a greater Power than our mental selves directly intervenes to effect a more easy and rapid transformation.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 14, The Power of the Instruments, pp. 710-711