Soul-Power and the Personality Based in Knowledge

The four-fold personality types develop through the normal action of Nature in the evolutionary cycle of humanity. They are therefore subject to the play of the three Gunas, and focus on the development of the outer life and the individual fulfilment. As a result they remain strictly circumscribed and tend to flow into channels of narrow focus. Sri Aurobindo observes, however, that this action can take on a different aspect when the spiritual development brings about the conscious intervention of “soul-force”. “…but when we get nearer to our inner selves, then we get too a glimpse and experience of something which was involved in these forms and can disengage itself and stand behind and drive them, as if a general Presence or Power brought to bear on the particular working of this living and thinking machine. This is the force of the soul itself presiding over and filling the powers of its nature.”

“The Yoga of self-perfection brings out this soul-force and gives it its largest scope, takes up all the fourfold powers and throws them into the free circle of an integral and harmonious spiritual dynamis.”

With respect to the knowledge-focused personality, this brings into play a much wider and more receptive capacity for understanding. “A free mind of light develops which is open to every kind of revelation, inspiration, intuition, idea, discrimination, thinking synthesis; an enlightened life of the mind grasps at all knowledge with a delight of finding and reception and holding, a spiritual enthusiasm, passion or ecstasy; a power of light full of spiritual force, illumination and purity of working manifests its empire…; a bottomless steadiness and illimitable calm upholds all the illumination, movement, action as on some rock of ages, equal, unperturbed, unmoved…”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 15, Soul-Force and the Fourfold Personality, pp. 721-722