The Potential to Open to the Power of the Universal Divine Energy, Shakti

The normal experience of the human being is to act as if he is a separated individual with his own capacity for energy and action. He responds as if he is totally different than the rest of the universal energy swirling around outside himself. It is as if each human being is a machinery with its own independent power generating unit, capable of living without anyone or anything else in the universe. It is clear, however, on deeper examination that the individual is actually an expression of the universal energy. If we submerge a drinking glass in a pond, there is water outside the glass as well as inside, but it is the same water, from the same source. Each human being is a vessel for the holding and expression of energy, and this energy is constantly moving into and out of the individual as he lives his life. He breathes in, he absorbs energy from the world, he eats and converts energy from food, and he feels emotions, experiences thoughts, and then, expresses out his vibrational energy, emotions and thoughts, etc. The individual is part of the universal and the universal constitutes the individual. No one exists in a vacuum absent the rest of the manifestation. It is this principle that makes it possible to consciously open up to the action and power of the universal divine Shakti, as it is already there, within us, if we become receptive to experiencing and expressing it.

Once this reality is acknqwledged, the question then becomes how to adjust our view so that we see, experience and relate to the world in such a way that we are conscious of expressing the Divine Shakti. Sri Aurobindo notes: “In our active being this translates into a replacement of our egoistic, our personal, our separatively individual will and energy by a universal and a divine will and the all-guiding power of the Purushottama. We replace the inferior action of the limited, ignorant and imperfect personal will and energy in us by the action of the divine Shakti.”

He provides us insight on the potential: “And, on the other hand, this universal Shakti is within ourselves, concentrated in us, for the whole power of it is present in each individual as in the universe, and there are means and processes by which we can awaken its greater and potentially infinite force and liberate it to its larger workings.”

By making the shift from the individual standpoint to the divine standpoint, then, it becomes realistic for the individual thereby to act from an unlimited, unbounded and infinite power source. While we do not see this generally in our everyday life that lives within the boundaries of the mental/vital/physical frame, there are occasions when we see glimpses of a higher working of force in individuals who are destined to lead the way to new directions and opportunities for humanity.

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 16, The Divine Shakti, pp. 726-727