Becoming Aware of the Divine Shakti

Sri Aurobindo consistently emphasizes the clear distinction between action undertaken in the individual, egoistic state of consciousness and the action of the Divine Shakti working through the instrumentation of the individual being. This requires a shift from the human standpoint to the divine standpoint, both in terms of status of consciousness and for power of action. This is not an intellectual formulation, but the real experience of the being which is being described. For those seekers who continue to see and experience the world through the limitations of the ego, a first intellectual overlay may be required to prepare the instrument for the true action of the Shakti. In the end, however, the experience must go beyond the mental idea or belief to become a full and actual realisation.

Sri Aurobindo describes the action of the Divine Shakti in this case: “There will then be no separate personal will or individual energy trying to conduct our actions, no sense of a little personal self as the doer, nor will it be the lower energy of the three gunas, the mental, vital and physical nature. The divine Shakti will fill us and preside over and take up all our inner activities, our outer life, our Yoga. She will take up the mental energy, her own lower formation, and raise it to its highest and purest and fullest powers of intelligence and will and psychic action. She will change the mechanical energies of the mind, life and body which now govern us into delight-filled manifestations of her own living and conscious power and presence. She will manifest in us and relate to each other all the various spiritual experiences of which the mind is capable. And as the crown of this process she will bring down the supramental light into the mental levels, change the stuff of mind into the stuff of supermind, transform all the lower energies into energies of her supramental nature and raise us into our being of gnosis. The Shakti will reveal herself as the power of the Purushottama, and it is the Ishwara who will manifest himself in his force of supermind and spirit and be the master of our being, action, life and Yoga.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 16, The Divine Shakti, pp. 732-733

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