The Supermind as an Instrument of Knowledge

The mental consciousness functions within a range that is bounded on the lower end by the darkness of the material consciousness and on the upper end by the apparent darkness of the higher levels of awareness. This is analogous to the range of perception of the senses within the much larger electro-magnetic vibratory spectrum. Science has established that there are, for instance, ranges of sound vibration or light vibration that occur below our range of hearing or sight, and similarly, there are vibrations that occur above our range. In some cases, other beings experience a different segment of the range and thus, may hear or see things that are unheard or unseen by the human being. In a very similar way, there are forms and levels of conscious awareness that fall below the mind’s perception, and there will be forms and levels above the mind’s perception.

Sri Aurobindo notes: “Man lives in a mental consciousness between a vast subconscient which is to his seeing a dark inconscience and a vaster superconscient which he is apt to take for another but a luminous inconscience, because his idea of consciousness is confined to his own middle term of mental sensation and intelligence. it is in that luminous superconscience that there lie the ranges of the supermind and the spirit.”

The Supermind acts from a different basis than the mental consciousness. It does not aggregate and infer; rather it sees and knows from an intimate oneness and unity. “The supermind sees directly the spirit and essence, the face and body, the result and action, the principles and dependences of the truth as one indivisible whole and therefore can work out the circumstantial results in the power of the essential knowledge, the variations of the spirit in the light of its identities, its apparent divisions in the truth of its oneness. The supermind is a knower and creator of its own truth, the mind of man only a knower and creator in the half light and half darkness of a mingled truth and error, and creator too of a thing which it derives altered, translated, lessened from something greater than and beyond it.”

The action of the supermind is inferred in the Isha Upanishad: “It is He that has gone abroad–That which is bright, bodiless, without scar of imperfection, without sinews, pure, unpierced by evil. The Seer, the Thinker, the One who becomes everywhere, the Self-existent has ordered objects perfectly according to their nature from years sempiternal.” (Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, Isha Upanishad, v. 8, pg. 21)

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 19, The Nature of the Supermind, pg. 761