Supramental Action Is the Hidden Secret of Nature

Whether we look into the macrocosm or the microcosm, we find that the mystery of the universal creation exceeds any capacity of the mental consciousness to understand or comprehend it in its breadth or depth. With the advent of new tools of investigation such as the electron microscope, we can observe the organization of the building blocks of Matter, the atomic structure of all forms. We can also look deep into space and observe enormous numbers of galaxies, stars, planets through an immensity of space that is beyond our comprehension, and nevertheless with a system and process that shows the non-random nature of the universe. Looking even at the forms of life around us and the eco-sphere and bio-sphere of life on this planet, we see an incredible diversity of forms which somehow seem to fit together, to support and require one another for existence and which, despite their diversity, apparently make up one coordinated whole. Thus we see that human beings need to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide; and plants create oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Thus, human beings are symbiotic beings with the world of plants. While the atomic structure of Matter appears to be inconscient and automatic, it exhibits such a high degree of intelligent organization that it clearly is the product of consciousness.

This is how we can identify the supramental action even in the inconscience of Matter. Sri Aurobindo elaborates: “There is even a quite visible intimate action of the consciousness, persistent in life, matter and mind, which is clearly a supramental action subdued to the character and need of the lower medium and to which we now give the name of intuition from its most evident characteristics of direct vision and self-acting knowledge, really a vision born of some secret identity with the object of the knowledge. What we call the intuition is however only a partial indication of the presence of the supermind, and if we take this presence and power in its widest character, we shall see that it is a concealed supramental force with a self-conscient knowledge in it which informs the whole action of material energy. It is that which determines what we call law of nature, maintains the action of each thing according to its own nature and harmonises and evolves the whole, which would otherwise be a fortuitous creation apt at any moment to collapse into chaos. All the law of nature is a thing precise in its necessities of process, but is yet in the cause of that necessity and of its constancy of rule, measure, combination, adaptation, result a thing inexplicable, meeting us at every step with a mystery and a miracle, and this must be either because it is irrational and accidental even in its regularities or because it is supra-rational, because the truth of it belongs to a principle greater than that of our intelligence. That principle is the supramental; that is to say, the hidden secret of Nature is the organisation of something out of the infinite potentialities of the self-existent truth of the spirit the nature of which is wholly evident only to an original knowledge born of and proceeding by a fundamental identity, the spirit’s constant self-perception.”

“All these processes are actually spiritual and supramental in their secret government, but mental, vital and physical in their overt process.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 19, The Nature of the Supermind, pp. 764-765