Issues for the Development of Supermind in the Human Being

The transition from Mind to Supermind is an evolutionary leap that represents a change in quality and power of consciousness that has occurred in the past, in different degrees, from Matter to the evolution of Life, and in Life to the evolution of Mind. Each of these changes brought about radical and unprecedented transformations in the nature and action of the universal creation as it brought forth the next phase of unfolding of the involved consciousness. As with each prior stage, the transformation does not occur overnight, easily or without serious issues arising and consequences to be worked out.

Sri Aurobindo notes: “He has not merely to uncover the hidden sun of the supermind in the subliminal cavern of his secret being or remove the cloud of his mental ignorance from its face in the spiritual skies so that it shall at once shine out in all its glory. His task is much more complex and difficult because he is an evolutionary being and by the evolution of Nature of which he is a part he has been constituted with an inferior kind of knowledge, and this inferior, this mental power of knowledge forms by its persistent customary action an obstacle to a new formation greater than its own nature. A limited mental intelligence enlightening a limited mind of sense and the capacity not always well used of a considerable extension of it by the use of the reason are the powers by which he is at present distinguished from all other terrestrial creatures.”

Through long experience, the human being relies on these existing powers of the mind, and has confidence, whether misplaced or not, in his ability to sort through the sense impressions, organize them and apply logic and reason to determine appropriate responses to the situations of life. It is therefore a difficult leap of faith for someone to try to shift to a different basis for knowledge and action that is essentially foreign to the normal mode of mentality to which he is accustomed.

“If the animal mind were called upon to leave consciently the safe ground of sense impulse, sense understanding and instinct for the perilous adventure of a reasoning intelligence, it might well turn back alarmed and unwilling from the effort. The human mind would here be called upon to make a still greater change and, although self-conscious and adventurous in the circle of its possibility, might well hold this to be beyond the circle and reject the adventure. In fact the change is only possible if there is first a spiritual development on our present level of consciousness and it can only be undertaken securely when the mind hsa become aware of the greater self within, enamoured of the Infinite and confident of the presence and guidance of the Divine and his Shakti.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 20, The Intuitive Mind, pp. 769-771

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