Using the Development of the Reasoning Intelligence As a Tool for Transformation from Mental to Supramental Consciousness

Sri Aurobindo identifies yet a fourth method for development of the transition from mental consciousness to the supramental consciousness. This method is based on using the already reasoning intelligence, the Buddhi, as the leverage for upward and outward expansion of the awareness. This part of the human being is the highest level of mental development in the ordinary course, and thus, has the most subtlety and power of any part of the being. This provides potential advantages for the needed growth of consciousness. Traditionally, the practice of Yoga has meant the suppression of the intellect in favor of achieving a state of unity with the Infinite. The integral Yoga, which does not call for the abandonment of life, seeks to achieve the result through development of all human capacities, including that of the reasoning intelligence, to their highest and widest capabilities.

“This is to develop our intellect instead of eliminating it, but with the will not to cherish its limitations, but to heighten its capacity, light, intensity, degree and force of activity until it borders on the thing that transcends it and can easily be taken up and transformed into that higher conscious action. This movement also is founded on the truth of our nature and enters into the course and movement of the complete Yoga of self-perfection. That course, as I have described it, included a heightening and greatening of the action of our natural instruments and powers till they constitute in their purity and essential completeness a preparatory perfection of the present normal movement of the Shakti that acts in us. The reason and intelligent will, the Buddhi, is the greatest of these powers and instruments, the natural leader of the rest in the developed human being, the most capable of aiding the development of the others. The ordinary activities of our nature are all of them of use for the greater perfection we seek, are meant to be turned into material for them, and the greater their development, the richer the preparation for the supramental action.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 20, The Intuitive Mind, pp. 775-776