The Limitations of the Intuitive Mind

The development of the intuition, with its access to higher light and power that is provided through its ability to receive from the supramental consciousness, is both a necessary transitional phase in the transformation from mind to supermind, and a powerful increase in the power of the mental consciousness. It is not, in and of itself, supramental in nature and still partakes of the mental consciousness, with the limitations and deficiencies attendant thereto. It is also very much subject to the normal action of the mental consciousness which will always try to absorb and modify the inspirations that come through the intuitive mind.

Sri Aurobindo describes the limitations of this stage: “The intuitive mentality is still mind and not gnosis. It is indeed a light from the supermind, but modified and diminished by the stuff of mind in which it works, and stuff of mind means always a basis of ignorance. The intuitive mind is not yet the wide sunlight of truth, but a constant play of flashes of it keeping lighted up a basic state of ignorance or of half-knowledge and indirect knowledge. As long as it is imperfect, it is invaded by a mixture of ignorant mentality which crosses its truth with a strain of error. After it has acquired a larger native action more free from this intermixture, even then so long as the stuff of mind in which it works is capable of the old intellectual or lower mental habit, it is subject to accretion of error, to clouding, to many kinds of relapse. Moreover, the individual mind does not live alone and to itself but in the general mind and all that it has rejected is discharged into the general mind atmosphere around it and tends to return upon and invade it with the old suggestions and many promptings of the old mental character. The intuitive mind, growing or grown, has therefore to be constantly on guard against invasion and accretion, on the watch to reject and eliminate immixtures, busy intuitivising more and still more the whole stuff of mind, and this can only end by itself being enlightened, transformed, lifted up into the full light of the supramental being.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 20, The Intuitive Mind, pp. 778-779