Harmony and Unity Are the Natural Result of the Shift in Standpoint to the Supramental Consciousness

The confusion, disharmony and conflict that arise within the mental level of consciousness are inherent in the nature of the mind.  During the transitional phase, the influence of the supramental awareness can begin to forge a type of harmony, but it remains incomplete and limited.  It is with the shift of the standpoint to the supramental level that these disharmonies are actually resolved, as Sri Aurobindo explains:

“As soon as we arise above mind to the supermind, this initial harmony will be replaced by a greater and a more integral unity.  The thoughts of the supramental reason meet together and understand each other and fall into a natural arrangement even when they have started from quite opposite quarters.  The movements of will that are in conflict in the mind, come in the supermind to their right place and relation to each other.  The supramental feelings also discover their own affinities and fall into a natural agreement and harmony.  At a higher stage this harmony intensifies towards unity.”

“The harmony, the unity are inevitable because the base in the supermind is knowledge and characteristically self-knowledge, the knowledge of the self in all its aspects.  The supramental will is the dynamic expression of this self-knowledge, the supramental feeling the expression of the luminous joy of the self and all else in supermind a part of this one movement.  At its highest range it becomes something greater than what we call knowledge; there it is the essential and integral self-awareness of the Divine in us, his being, consciousness, Tapas, Ananda, and all is the harmonious, unified, luminous movement of that one existence.”

With the advent of the supramental consciousness, the recognition of the Oneness of being resolves all the apparent contradictions into their natural role within the complex manifestation of the Spirit.



Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 22, The Supramental Thought and Knowledge, pp. 800-801