The Supramental Standpoint of Consciousness

The normal mental consciousness is circumscribed by the experience of time, space and circumstance.  The mind is locked into its present reality as perceived through the impressions of the senses, with very little leeway outside of this limited viewpoint.  The supramental consciousness, however, is not bound by what can be actually seen or experienced in the outer world of circumstance, and it is able to see things with the vision of the three times, past, present and future, all live and real to the vision.

Sri Aurobindo provides a more complete overview of the supramental standpoint: “The supramental being sees things from above in large spaces and at the highest from the spaces of the infinite.  His view is not limited to the standpoint of the present but can see in the continuities of time or from above time in the indivisibilities of the Spirit.  He sees truth in its proper order first in the essence, secondly in the potentialities that derive from it and only last in the actualities.  The essential truths are to his sight self-existent, self-seen, not dependent for their proof on this or that actuality; the potential truths are truths of the power of being in itself and in things, truths of the infinity of force and real apart from their past or present realisation in this or that actuality or the habitual surface forms that we take for the whole of Nature; the actualities are only a selection from the potential truths he sees, dependent on them, limited and mutable.  The tyranny of the present, of the actual, of the immediate range of facts, of the immediate urge and demand of action has no power over his thought and his will and he is therefore able to have a larger will-power founded on a larger knowledge.”

“His being is not shut into the succession of the moments, but has the full power of the past and ranges seeingly through the future:  not shut in the limiting ego and personal mind, but lives in the freedom of the universal, in God and in all beings and all things; not in the dull density of the physical mind, but in the light of the self and the infinity of the spirit.  He sees soul and mind only as a power and a movement and matter only as a resultant form of the spirit.  All his thought will be of a kind that proceeds from knowledge.  He perceives and enacts the things of the phenomenal life in the light of the reality of the spiritual being and the power of the dynamic spiritual essence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 22, The Supramental Thought and Knowledge, pp. 808-809