Spiritual Reality and the Supermind

There is an air of “unreality” when the mind begins to work with concepts and abstractions that are not based on the physical world and the objects of the senses.  Not only is there a sense of being disconnected from the real world, but there is a tendency to have the mind wander off into speculations and ideas that are far removed from actuality.  While in some cases, these speculations move in an attempt to relate to the spiritual reality of the universal creation, in others they simply lose touch with both the physical reality and the spiritual truths.  It is therefore difficult, if not impossible, for the mind to grasp in any realistic way the reality of the spiritual truths that are experienced by the supramental consciousness.  For those who have had even a touch of spiritual experience from time to time, there is a recognition that things that seem abstract in a purely mental consciousness take on a reality and substance during the spiritual opening that is occurring.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “…the supermind lives in the spirit and therefore in the very substance of what these ideas and truths represent or rather fundamentally are and truly realises them, not only thinks but in the act of thinking feels and identifies itself with their substance, and to it they are among the most substantial things that can be.  Truths of consciousness and of essential being are to the supermind the very stuff of reality, more intimately and, as one might almost say, densely real than outward movement and form of being, although these too are to it movement and form of the reality and not, as they are to a certain action of the spiritualised mind, an illusion.  The idea too is to it real-idea, stuff of the reality of conscious being, full of power for the substantial rendering of the truth and therefore for creation.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 23, The Supramental Instruments — Thought-process , pp. 813-814