The Liberated Action of the Supramental Consciousness

The mental consciousness is so involved in its own focused and limited forms of action that it cannot imagine the status of the supermind, which can take action to manifest a specific line of development, yet remain free and unbound, cognizant of other options, choices, directions or realities that are possible.  While the mind gets locked into a specific idea or program of action, the supermind, even when focused on achieving a very specific manifestation, is able to recognize the truths underlying the manifestations of the past, as well as present and future, and recognize further the circumstances by which they occur and for which they remain valid truths.

Western physics has been exploring the idea of multiple universes, each of which manifests different realities.  Such conceptualisation would be understood by the supramental consciousness.  The idea that a vast array of possibilities remain latent, and that the specific form of expression closes off those other latent options, but only for this time, in this universe, and under these circumstances, is one that would also be understood by the supermind.

Sri Aurobindo extrapolates on this theme:  “It is open, in a way and a degree to which the mind cannot attain, to the truth of other harmonies of creative becoming even while in its own it puts forth a decisive will and thought and action.  When it is engaged in action that is of the nature of a struggle, the replacing of past or other thought and form and becoming by that which it is appointed to manifest, it knows the truth of what it displaces and fulfils even in displacing, as well as the truth of what it substitutes.  It is not bound by its manifesting, selecting, pragmatic conscious action, but it has at the same time all the joy of a specially creative thought and selective precision of action, the Ananda of the truth of the forms and movements equally of its own and of others’ becoming.  All its thought and will of life and action and creation, rich, manifold, focussing the truth of many planes, is liberated and illumined with the illimitable truth of the Eternal.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 23, The Supramental Instruments — Thought-process , pg. 816