The Supramental Consciousness Easily Harmonises the Complexity of the Manifested World

Basing itself on an original ignorance, the mind cannot possibly unite all the disparate forms, forces and beings into an harmonious and integrated whole.  There are always fragments, gaps in knowledge and a struggle to reconcile what appear to be opposing energies or movements.  The key to the vast diversity of creation is missing from the mind’s view.  As we evolve beyond the mental level, and the supramental knowledge becomes more and more active, these conflicts and struggles will be reduced, as the supermind starts from the knowledge of the unity and is able thereby to recognise the role and specific part that each aspect of the manifestation has to play.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “Obstacle, inner struggle, disparity, difficulty, discord of parts and movements continues in the transformation of mind to supermind only so long as the action, influence or pressure of the mind insisting on its own methods of construction continues or its process of building knowledge or thought and will of action on the foundations of a primal ignorance resists the opposite process of supermind organising all as a luminous manifestation out of the self and its inherent and eternal self-knowledge.  It is thus that the supermind acting as a representative, interpretative, revealingly imperative power of the spirit’s knowledge by identity, turning the light of the infinite consciousness freely and illimitably into substance and form of real-idea, creating out of power of conscious being and power of real-idea, stablising a movement which obeys its own law but is still a supple and plastic movement of the infinite, uses its thought and knowledge and a will identical in substance and light with the knowledge to organise in each supramental being his own right manifestation of the one self and spirit.”


Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 23, The Supramental Instruments — Thought-process , pp. 817-818