The Qualities of the Supramental Sense

The supramental sense goes so far beyond the mental framework that it is virtually impossible to truly express in words what the actual experience consists of.  It is based in the action of the supermind, which itself is based on the oneness of the entire creation and the originating Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss without division and without limitation.   It is akin to the description of the Ananda posed by the Taittiriya Upanishad:  “The delight of the Eternal from which words turn away without attaining and the mind also returneth baffled…”  (Brahmanandavalli, Ch. 4, The Upanishads pg. 268, tr. by Sri Aurobindo)

Sri Aurobindo tries to provide us some sense of the nature and qualities of the supramental sense:  “The supermind acting through sense feels all as God and in God, all as the manifest touch, sight, hearing, taste, perfume, all as the felt, seen, directly experienced substance and power and energy and movement, play, penetration, vibratino, form, nearness, pressure, substantial interchange of the Infinite.  Nothing exists independently to its sense, but all is felt as one being and movement and each thing as indivisible from the rest and as having in it all the Infinite, all the Divine.   This supramental sense has the direct feeling and experience, not only of forms, but of forces and of the energy and the quality in things and of a divine substance and presence which is within them and round them and into which they open and expand themselves in their secret subtle self and elements, extending themselves in oneness into the illimitable.”

“Its action is a result of the extension and vibration of being and consciousness in a supra-ethereal ether of light, ether of power, ether of bliss, the Ananda Akasha of the Upanishads, which is the matrix and continent of the universal expression of the Self, — here in body and mind experienced only in limited extensions and vibrations,– and the medium of its true experience.”

“This sense even at its lowest power is luminous with a revealing light that carries in it the secret of the thing it experiences and can therefore be a starting-point and basis of all the rest of the supramental knowledge,–the supramental thought, spiritual intelligence and comprehension, conscious identity,– and on its highest plane or at its fullest intensity of action it opens into or contains and at once liberates these things.  It is strong with a luminous power that carries in it the force of self-realisation and an intense or infinite effectiveness, and this sense-experience can therefore be the starting-point of impulsion for a creative or fulfilling action of the spiritual and supramental will and knowledge.  It is rapturous with a powerful and luminous delight that makes of it, makes of all sense and sensation a key to or a vessel of the divine and infinite Ananda.”


Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 24, The Supramental Sense , pp. 834-835