The Independent and Universal Scope of Action of the Supramental Sense

With its basis in the oneness of all existence, the supramental sense has the ability to either utilize the organs of sense in the mind, life and body, or directly sense without their action as intermediaries.  Similarly, time and space are not an obstacle to the action of the supramental sense.  Wherever the attention is turned, the inherent knowledge arises without limits or obstacles.

We find it difficult to appreciate the power of the supramental sense, but a few examples from our human interactions in the world can perhaps provide some direction.  There are known and documented instances where an individual, usually a close family member, reacts immediately and intensely to the death of a loved one.  Cases have occurred during various wars, where the soldier was killed and the family member, thousands of miles away was instantly aware of the death.  There are also instances of out of body experiences where the body has been injured and made unconscious, but the awareness, having moved outward and upward, can actually see and hear what is being done to the body, now seen as an external form.  Some people have described locales they have never visited with a detail that can only come from direct observation, while others may awaken from a coma with the ability to speak and understand a language they have never learned or even been exposed to.  All of these occurrences are actions that can occur because of the links at the level of the subtle physical, subtle vital or subtle mental level.  They provide us a platform for grasping the enormously subtle, powerful and infinite extension capacities that arise with the development of the supramental sense.

Sri Aurobindo notes:  “The supramental sense can act in its own power and is independent of the body and the physical life and outer mind and it is above too the inner mind and its experiences.  It can be aware of all things in whatever world, on whatever plane, in whatever formation of universal consciousness.  it can be aware of the things of the material universe even in the trance of Samadhi, aware of them as they are or appear to the physical sense, even as it is of other states of experience, of the pure vital, the mental, the psychical, the supramental presentation of things.  It can in the waking state of the physical consciousness present to us the thins concealed from the limited receptivity or beyond the range of the physical organs, distant forms, scenes and happenings, things that have passed out of physical existence or that are not yet in physical existence, scenes, forms, happenings, symbols of the vital, psychical, mental, supramental, spiritual worlds and all these in their real or significant truth as well as their appearance.  It can use all the other states of sense consciousness and their appropriate senses and organs adding to them what they have not, setting right their errors and supplying their deficiencies: for it is the source of the others and they are only inferior derivations from this higher sense, this true and illimitable samjnana.

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 24, The Supramental Sense , pp. 835-836