The Supermind and the Action of the Universal Divine Shakti in the Individual Being

With the transition to the basis of the supramental consciousness, the standpoint shifts to that of the universal Divine rather than the separate individual awareness characteristic of the normal human action of body, life and mind.  Whereas the individual life energy is blocked and limited by the apparent separation of each being from the universal energy, once this artificial blockage is removed, a virtually illimitable source of energy is revealed, moving through and energizing the individual.  Besides the new source of energy, there is also the vastly expanded interchange that ties the individual into the universal manifestation in a conscious and participatory manner.

Sri Aurobindo explains:  “The first result is that the limitations of our individual life being break down and we live no longer with a personal life force, or not with that ordinarily, but in and by the universal life energy.  it is all the universal Prana that comes consciently streaming into and through us, keeps up there a dynamic constant eddy, an unseparated centre of its power, a vibrant station of storage and communication, constantly fills it with its forces and pours them out in activity upon the world around us.  This life energy, again, is felt by us not merely as a vital ocean and its streams, but as the vital way and form and body and outpouring of a conscious universal Shakti, and that conscient Shakti reveals itself as the Chit Shakti of the Divine, the Energy of the transcendent and universal Self and Purusha of which– or rather of whom– our universalised individuality becomes an instrument and channel.  As a result we feel ourselves one in life with all others and one with the life of all Nature and of all things in the universe.  There is a free and conscious communication of the vital energy working in us with the same energy working in others.  We are aware of their life as of our own or, at the least, of the touch and pressure and communicated movements of our life being on them and theirs upon us.  The vital sense in us becomes powerful, intense, capable of bearing all the small or large, minute or immense vibrations of this life world on all its planes physical and supraphysical, vital and supravital, thrills with all its movement and Ananda and is aware of and open to all forces.”

“The supermind takes possession of all this great range of experience, and makes it all luminous, harmonious, experienced not obscurely and fragmentarily and subject to the limitations and errors of its handling by the mental ignorance, but revealed, it and each movement of it, in its truth and totality of power and delight, and directs the great and now hardly limitable powers and capacities of the life dynamis on all its ranges according to the simple and yet complex, the sheer and spontaneous and yet unfalteringly intricate will of the Divine in our life.  It makes the vital sense a perfect means of the knowledge of the life forces around us, as the physical of the forms and sensations of the physical universe, and a perfect channel too of the reactions of the active life force through us working as an instrument of self-manifestation.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 24, The Supramental Sense , pp. 841-842