The Status of Consciousness After the Supramental Transformation

The transformation of consciousness from the mental to the supramental has far-reaching consequences.  Just as the shift from the vital plant awareness to the animal mentality created enormous changes both for the individual beings and the relation of those beings within the larger environment of the creation, and as the shift from the animal mentality to that of the human mentality involved even greater impacts for the individual and the universal creation, so the advent of the supramental consciousness and its transformative activities within the created universe is bound to have an extraordinary impact as well.

For the most part spiritual evolution has been concerned with development of consciousness through abandonment of the outer life and circumstances.  This either involved a liberation from the worldly life into unity with the Brahman, or achievement of the trance state of Samadhi or dissolution into some state of Nirvana, or the abandonment of worldly fulfillment for attainment of some heavenly life after this life has come to its conclusion.  Sri Aurobindo, however, focuses on the evolutionary progression of consciousness in the manifestation and insists on the “omnipresent Reality” that encompasses the transcendent, the universal and the individual, each as aspects of the manifestation of the Divine Will of the Divine Person.  This then requires the transformation of the supramental to yield new states of being, knowledge, power and active existence in the life of the individual, with its corresponding impacts on the creation:

“The state of the being after this supramental transformation will be in all its parts of consciousness and knowledge that of an infinite and cosmic consciousness acting through the universalised individual Purusha.  The fundamental power will be an awareness of identity, a knowledge by identity, — an identity of being, of consciousness, of force of being and consciousness, of delight of being, an identity with the Infinite, the Divine, and with all that is in the Infinite, all that is the exprssion and manifestation of the Divine.  This awareness and knowledge will use as its means and instruments a spiritual vision of all that the knowledge by identity can found, a supramental real idea and thought of the nature of direct thought vision, thought hearing, thought memory that reveals, interprets or represents to the awareness the truth of all things, and an inner truth speech that expresses it, and finally a supramental sense that provides a relation of contact in substance of being with all things and persons and powers and forces in all the planes of existence.”


Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 24, The Supramental Sense , pp. 851-852