The Supramental Time Consciousness

The supramental consciousness has a vastly different experience of Time and the timeless  infinite than the mental consciousness, but virtue of its having its roots in the timeless awareness and its ability to recognize the manifestation through Time as one with the Timeless.  The mind is pulled along from moment to moment in time and has no inherent mastery.  The supermind, on the contrary, is able to straddle both aspects and hold them together in a unified whole.

Sri Aurobindo describes it thus:  “It can either take its station in the time consciousness and keep the timeless infinite  as its background of supreme and original being from which it receives all its organising knowledge, will and action, or it can, centred in its essential being, live in the timeless but live too in a manifestation in time which it feels and sees as infinite and as the same Infinite, and can bring out, sustain and develop in the one what it holds supernally in the other.”

“Its time consciousness therefore will be different from that of the mental being, not swept helplessly on the stream of the moments and clutching at each moment as a stay and a swiftly disappearing standpoint, but founded first on its eternal identity beyond the changes of time, secondly on a simultaneous eternity of Time in which past, present and future exist together for ever in the self-knowledge and self-power of the Eternal, thirdly, in a total view of the three times as one movement singly and indivisibly seen even in their succession of stages, periods, cycles, last — and that only in the instrumental consciousness — in the step-by-step evolution of the moments.  It will therefore have the knowledge of the three times, trikaladrsti, — held of old to be a supreme sign of the seer and the Rishi, — not as an abnormal power, but as its normal way of time knowledge.

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 25, Towards the SupramentalTime Vision , pg. 854