The First Condition of the Human Consciousness in its Evolutionary Progression Toward Supermind

At this point, we can see before us the vast knowledge, power and delight of the supramental level of consciousness, while we can simultaneously recognize the limitations of our current mental state of consciousness.  The question that must then be posed, for the seeker, is what are the conditions that develop as stages along the way from the starting point of the mental consciousness and leading to the shift of standpoint and the development of a new status of consciousness which is the supramental consciousness.  Sri Aurobindo describes three successive conditions that can be observed during the evolutionary process undertaken by the practitioner of Yoga.

“The first condition of our consciousness, that in which we now move, is this mind of ignorance that has arisen out of the inconscience and nescience of material Nature, — ignorant but capable of seeking for knowledge and finding it at least in a series of mental representations which may be made clues to the true truth and, more and more refined and illuminated and rendered transparent by the influence, the infiltration and the descent of the light from above, prepare the intelligence for opening to the capacity of true knowledge.  All truth is to this mind a thing it originally had not and has had to acquire or has still to acquire, a thing external to it and to be gathered by experience or by following certain ascertained methods and rules of enquiry, calculation, application of discovered law, interpretation of signs and indices.  Its very knowledge implies an antecedent nescience; it is the instrument of Avidya.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 25, Towards the SupramentalTime Vision , pp. 854-855

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