Instinct and Intuition Provide Partial Access to the Awareness of Past, Present and Future

The conscious mentality is limited in its ability to explore either the past or the future, but there are potentially powers available within the human being that can provide at least partial or occasional access into past or future.

The first of these is the power of instinct, which operates at a subconscious level and has been for the most part suppressed with the rise of the mental functions in humanity.  The second is the power of intuition which develops as the evolutionary potential to exceed the mental plane begins to exhibit itself.

Sri Aurobindo describes the potentiality and the limits of each of these:  “Meanwhile there are certain doors opening from the inner on to the outer consciousness which make an occasional but insufficient power of direct retro-vision of the past, circumvision of the present, prevision of the future even in the physical mind at least potentially feasible.  First, there are certain movements of the mind sense and the vital consciousness that are of this character…. These movements are instinctive perceptions, obscure intuitions of the sense mind and the vital being, and like all that is instinctive in man have been suppressed, rendered rare or discredited as unreliable by the engrossing activity of the mental intelligence.  If allowed a free scope, these could develop and supply data not available to the ordinary reason and the senses.  But still they would not be of themselves perfectly useful or reliable indices unless their obscurity were enlightened by an interpretation and guidance which the ordinary intelligence cannot give, but a higher intuition could provide.”

“Intuition, then, is the second and more important possible means available to us, and actually intuition can and does sometimes give us in this difficult field an occasional light and guidance.  But acting in our present mentality it is subject to the disadvantage that it is uncertain in operation, imperfect in its functioning, obscured by false imitative movements of the imagination and fallible mental judgment and continually seized on and alloyed and distorted by the normal action of mind with its constant liability to error.  The formation of an organised intuitive mentality purified from these deficiencies woudl be needed to enlarge and assure this possibility of the functioning of a higher luminous intelligence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 25, Towards the Supramental Time Vision , pg. 860