The Opening of the Psychic Consciousness to the Knowledge of the Three Times

The first opening of the connection between the psychic and the mental waking consciousness that brings with it the potential ability to receive images of past, present and future, is not the entire scope or limit of what is possible in terms of the consciousness experiencing past, present and future.  There are a number of further developments possible as the psychic awareness grows in the being.

Sri Aurobindo describes this further process and result:  “A completer opening of the psychical consciousness leads us far beyond this faculty of vision by images and admits us not indeed to a new time consciousness, but to many ways of the triple time knowledge.”

“The subliminal or psychic self can bring back or project itself into past states of consciousness and experience and anticipate or even, though this is less common, strongly project itself into future states of consciousness and experience.  It does this by a temporary entering into or identification of its being or its power of experiencing knowledge with either permanences or representations of the past and the future that are maintained in an eternal time consciousness behind our mentality or thrown up by the eternity of supermind into an indivisible continuity of time vision.  Or it may receive the impress of these things and construct a transcriptive experience of them in the subtle ether of psychical being.  Or it may call up the past from the subconscious memory where it is always latent and give it in itself a living form and a kind of renewed memorative existence, and equally it may call up from the depths of latency, where it is already shaped in the being, and similarly form to itself and experience the future.”

“It may be a kind of psychical thought vision or soul intuition– not the same thing as the subtler and less concrete thought vision of the luminous intuitive intelligence– foresee or foreknow the future or flash this soul intuition into the past that has gone behind the veil and recover it for present knowledge.  It can develop a symbolic seeing which conveys the past and the future through a vision of the powers and significances that belong to supraphysical planes but are powerful for creation in the material universe.”

This insight or vision can take various forms:  “It can feel the intention of the Divine, the mind of the gods, all things and their signs and indices that descend upon the soul and determine the complex movement of forces.  It can feel too the movement of forces that represent or respond to the pressure– as it can perceive the presence and the action– of the beings of the mental, vital and other worlds who concern themselves with our lives.  It can gather on all hands all kinds of indications of happenings in past, present and future time.  It can receive before its sight the etheric writing, akasha-lipi, that keeps the record of all things past, transcribes all that is in process in the present, writes out the future.”

The experience of access to the “akashic record” is one that has been reported by many people around the world through the years, and is confirmed here by Sri Aurobindo.


Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 25, Towards the Supramental Time Vision , pp. 862-863