The Issues for the Future of Imperial Societal Organization

Nature continues to impel humanity towards larger groupings of society than the current largest stable unit, the Nation-State.  In particular, the global concerns about human-accentuated or induced climate change, the result of the industrial revolution, as well as the issues of population growth within a world of limited or badly distributed resources, the increasing pollution of the planet and its effects on life, and the increasing visibility of different cultures and lifeways to each other, are forcing all of humanity to grapple with finding a way to live together in harmony, to share the bounty of the planet, and to find ways to maintain balance with the environment.  The focus and goals of the individual nation states are too narrow to accommodate the need to solve these key issues.  Thus, it becomes necessary to find a way to exceed the nation state.

In the past, this drive has led to the development of empires, whether homogeneous or heterogeneous.  There has been variable success in these imperial formations.  What has become clear is that the attempt to impose one particular national culture, language, religion or direction on others through military, economic or political domination is a short-term solution, doomed eventually to failure.

Sri Aurobindo notes:  “The replacement of the local by the imperial culture and as far as possible by the speech of the conqueror was essential to the old imperial theory, but the moment that becomes out of the question and the very desire of it has to be renounced as impracticable, the old Roman model of empire ceases to be of any avail for the solution of the problem…. a new model is demanded.  That new model has already begun to evolve in obedience to the requirements of the age; it is the model of the federal or else the confederate empire.  The problem we have to consider narrows itself down to this, is it possible to create a securely federated empire of vast extent and composed of heterogeneous races and cultures?  And granting that in this direction lies the future, how can such an empire so artificial in appearance be welded into a natural and psychological unit?”

Sri Aurobindo, The Ideal of Human Unity, Part I, Chapter 6, Ancient and Modern Methods of Empire, pg. 52