Issues to Be Resolved in the Formation of Larger Groupings of Human Society

The review of the imperial form has been necessary in order to understand the issues and the potential lines of resolution for humanity to exceed the Nation-State, the largest stable grouping of mankind now in existence.  Sri Aurobindo has articulated the need for a psychological unity, yet the imperial form which spans multiple different cultural, religious, language or lifeway groupings has to face the difficulty of welding a psychological unity out of a heterogeneous population.

“The problem of a federal empire founded on the sole foundation that is firm and secure, the creation of a true psychological unity, — an empire that has to combine heterogeneous elements, — resolves itself into two different factors, the question of the form and the question of the reality which the form is intended to serve.  The former is of great practical importance, but the latter alone is vital.  A form of unity may render possible, may favour or even help actively to create the corresponding reality, but it can never replace it.  And, as we have seen, the true reality is in this order of Nature the psychological, since the mere physical fact of political and administrative union may be nothing more than a temporary and artificial creation destined to collapse irretrievably as soon as its immediate usefulness is over or the circumstances that favoured its continuance are radically or even seriously altered.  The first question, then, that we have to consider is what this reality may be which it is intended to create in the form of a federal empire; and especially we have to consider whether it is to be merely an enlargement of the nation-type, the largest successful human aggregate yet evolved by Nature, or a new type of aggregate which is to exceed and must tend to supersede the nation, as that has replaced the tribe, the clan and the city or regional state.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Ideal of Human Unity, Part I, Chapter 7, The Creation of the Heterogeneous Nation, pg. 53