Various Possibilities for the Future Societal Groupings of Humanity

It has become clear in recent years, that all of humanity must find a way to co-exist and work together to solve issues that extend beyond the confines of individual nations and their borders.  The burgeoning population is one factor that increases the stress on the world’s capacity to feed, care for and deal with the energy needs while at the same time not changing the climate radically or polluting the air, water and land to the point that it becomes destructive to human life or at least, the quality of life.  Add to this the many divisions promulgated by unequal access to and utilization of resources, and the negative impacts that a small highly developed segment of humanity has on the quality of life on the planet and for the vast majority of people throughout the world, and we can see that supra-national solutions must be achieved.

The idea of the heterogeneous empire is one possible line of solution that Nature has been experimenting with, but it is not the only possible line of development that could yield a solution to the intractable problems that we see before us today.  Sri Aurobindo has identified several approaches that bear review:

“The progress of the imperial idea from the artificial and constructive stage to the position of a realised psychological truth controlling the human mind with the same force and vitality which now distinguish the national idea above all other group motives, is only a possibility, not a certainty of the future.”

If it does not happen, then Sri Aurobindo asks “…what other possibility can there be of the unification of mankind by political and administrative means?  That can only come about if either the old ideal of a single world-empire be, by developments not now apparently possible, converted into an accomplished fact or if the opposite ideal of a free association of free nations overcome the hundred and one powerful obstacles which stand in the way of its practical realisation.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Ideal of Human Unity, Part I, Chapter 9, The Possibility of a World-Empire, pg. 67