The Inevitable Unification of Humanity

For those of us rooted in the events of daily life, and living through times of tumult and conflict, it is difficult, if not impossible, to foresee the time when humanity will unite, live in peace, and tackle major issues of human survival and environmental integrity together in a spirit of unity.  Yet if we can once separate ourselves from the pressure of the “facts” presented to us daily in the news, and can look at historical trends of humanity, it becomes clear, as Sri Aurobindo has observed, that humanity is moving towards that result, whether through application of intelligence in a rational and reasonable way, or, more likely, through a series of cataclysmic events which force humanity to come to terms with the life and death nature of the issue.

Sri Aurobindo notes:  “…this trend must eventually realise itself, however great may be the difficulties; and they are really enormous, much greater than those which attended the national formation.  If the present unsatisfactory condition of international relations should lead to a series of cataclysms, either large and world-embracing like the present war or, though each more limited in scope, yet in their sum world-pervading and necessarily, by the growing interrelation of interests, affecting even those who do not fall directly under their touch, then mankind will finally be forced in self-defence to a new, closer and more stringently unified order of things.  Its choice will be between that and a lingering suicide.  If the human reason cannot find out the way, Nature herself is sure to shape these upheavals in such a way as to bring about her end.  Therefore, — whether soon or in the long run, whether brought about by its own growing sentiment of unity, stimulated by common interest and convenience, or by the evolutionary pressure of circumstances, — we may take it that an eventual unification or at least some formal organisation of human life on earth is, the incalculable being always allowed for, practically inevitable.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Ideal of Human Unity, Part Two, Chapter 35, Summary and Conclusion, pp. 303-304

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