Nature Utilises Resistance to Concentrate Her Forces of Accomplishment

Humanity tends to respond to crisis rather than through a patient, thoughtful process of development.  We see that throughout history it is various crises that act as the fulcrum for change that Nature is trying to achieve.  The League of Nations was the response of humanity to the horror of World War I.  When it could not sustain its footing, a second conflagration tore through the world.  The response:  The United Nations.

Humanity now stands on the brink of an abyss.  Weapons of mass destruction, global pandemics, climate change, massive inequality of access to resources, and exploitation of resources through force, which destablises, brings about regional or local warfare and mass migration events.  The resources of the planet are being used faster than they can be replaced and the population explodes, creating ever-more need for what are becoming more and more limited resources.  Pollution and the waste products of civilisation are poisoning air, water and land.   Those who have profited from the status quo fight hard to maintain their position, regardless of consequences.   Certainly humanity is at a decision-point:  live or die.  It is in just such situations that Nature is able to impel solutions as humanity reacts to the life and death event.  The solution in this case is the development of human unity and addressing these crises together as one.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “All the catastrophes that have attended this course of events and seem to arise of purpose in order to prevent the working out of her intention have not prevented, and even further catastrophes will not prevent, the successful emergence and development of an enterprise which has become a necessity for the progress and perhaps the very existence of the race.  Two stupendous and world-devastating wars have swept over the globe and have been accompanied or followed by revolutions with far-reaching consequences which have altered the political map of the earth and the international balance, the once fairly stable equilibrium of five continents, and changed the whole future.”

“But the two wars that have come and gone have not prevented the formation of the first and second considerable efforts towards the beginning of an attempt at union and the practical formation of a concrete body, an organised instrument with that object: rather they have caused and hastened this new creation.”

“Nature uses such means, apparently opposed and dangerous to her intended purpose, to bring about the fruition of that purpose.  As in the practice of the spiritual science and art of Yoga one has to raise up the psychological possibilities which are there in the nature and stand in the way of its spiritual perfection and fulfilment so as to eliminate them, even, it may be, the sleeping possibilities which might arise in future to break the work that has been done, so too Nature acts with the world-forces that meet her on her way, not only calling up those which will assist her but raising too, so as to finish with them, those that she knows to be the normal or even the unavoidable obstacles which cannot but start up to impede her secret will.  This one has often seen in the history of mankind; one sees it exampled today with an enormous force commensurable with the magnitude of the thing that has to be done.  But always these resistances turn out to have assisted by the resistance much more than they have impeded the intention of the great Creatrix and her Mover.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Ideal of Human Unity, Part Two, A Postscript Chapter, pp. 309-311