The United Nations Represents an Opportunity for Cautious Optimism on the Path Towards Human Unity

As a second iteration of the attempts of humanity to try to solve global issues together through deliberation rather than through violent means, the United Nations clearly represents a step forward for humanity, whatever its current defects.  Common action to address problems such as climate change or global pollution, addressing pandemics, global economic issues, or to aid with issues such as drought, flood, famine and migration are all possible if a forum for mutuality and discussion exists.  The development of agencies and bodies to unite humanity for specific actions that has arisen out of the United Nations process,  shows us the continued progress along these lines.  The limitations of the current United Nations, particularly the existence of, and use of, major power veto to subvert common goals and needs for the egoistic advantage of the power exercising the veto, is one such limitation.  Another very obvious one is the lack of any realistic enforcement power, with the UN Peacekeepers representing a potential first step forward in creation of a global enforcement power.  And certainly, the ability of certain powers to simply disregard the UN forum when their use of economic, political or military power seems to them a more certain way to achieve their objectives, is another of these serious limitations.  The mere existence of limitations in what represents a new direction for humanity is not a cause for despair, but a call for work to bridge the gaps that still remain and move us to the next level of integration of the entire human race into oneness.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “…the deficiencies that exist in the organisation or its constitution have to be quickly remedied or slowly and cautiously eliminated; if there are obstinate oppositions to necessary change, they have somehow to be overcome or circumvented without breaking the institution; progress towards perfection, even if it cannot be easily or swiftly made, must yet be undertaken and the frustration of the world’s hope prevented at any cost.  There is no other way for mankind than this, unless indeed a greater way is laid open to it by the Power that guides through some delivering turn or change in human will or human nature or some sudden evolutionary progress, a not easily foreseeable step, saltus, which will make another and greater solution of our human destiny feasible.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Ideal of Human Unity, Part Two, A Postscript Chapter, pp. 311-312