There Is No Separation Between the Outer Life and the Divine Reality

The exclusive concentration we place upon the needs and desires of our body, life and mind, the outer being, prevents us from recognizing easily that all life is One and expressive of the divine Reality.  Through the drawing back of our focus on that outer life, whether through religious practices, meditation, art, music or spending time in Nature, or through contemplation about existence, we may come into contact with the Oneness of creation, with the deeper significance of life, which we ordinarily fail to appreciate.  The dichotomy here, however, is purely artificial.  There is no separation between the life of the outer being and the life of the inner being, between the day to day focus in our attempts to provide for our existence and meet our needs and desires and the spiritual purpose of the universal creation.  All is One and indivisible, and at some point, we need to come to appreciate that unity in all ways of action.  As Sri Aurobindo has stated in The Synthesis of Yoga, ‘All Life is Yoga’.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “… we find this difficulty because there especially, in all our practical life, we are content to be the slaves of an outward Necessity and think ourselves always excused when we admit as the law of our thought, will and action the yoke of immediate and temporary utilities.  Yet even there we must arrive eventually at the highest truth.  We shall find out in the end that our daily life and our social existence are not things apart, are not another field of existence with another law than the inner and ideal.  On the contrary, we shall never find out their true meaning or resolve their harsh and often agonising problems until we learn to see in them a means towards the discovery and the individual and collective expression of our highest and, because our highest, therefore our truest and fullest self, our largest most imperative principle and power of existence.  All life is only a lavish and manifold opportunity given us to discover, realise, express the Divine.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle: The Psychology of Social Development, Chapter 15,  The Suprarational Good, pg. 148