The Original Sin of the Being

We may observe in nature the paradigm of our growth of consciousness out of the Inconscience.  The largest trees grow from tiny seeds.  The entire existence and conscious-force that becomes the tree is embedded in Matter, invisible,  unknown until, with the right circumstances, it springs forth, releases its energy out of the seed-form and begins to struggle for existence in the environment within which it is asked to grow.  This is the ultimate fragmentation which the Vedic seers referred to when they exclaimed “When universal being was concealed by fragmentation…”  The consciousness embedded within the seed has to overcome all the obstacles of the , discmaterial world in order to exist, grow and thrive.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “Life and consciousness, no less than Matter, obey in their first appearance the law of fragmentation.  Life organises itself physically around the plasm, the cell, psychologically round the small separative fragmentary ego.  Consciousness itself has to hide behind the veil of this limited surface existence the depths and infinities of its own being.  It has to grow slowly in an external formulation till it is ready to break the crust between this petty outer figure of ourselves, which we think to be the whole, and the concealed self within us.  Even the spiritual being seems to obey this law of fragmentation and manifest as a unit in the whole a spark of itself that evolves into an individual psyche.  It is this little ego, this fragmented consciousness, this concealed soul-spark on which is imposed the task of meeting and striving with the forces of the universe, entering into contact with all that seems to it not itself, increasing under the pressure of inner an outer Nature till it can become one with all existence.  It has to grow into self-knowledge and world-knowledge, to get within itself and discover that it is a spiritual being, to get outside of itself and discover its larger truth as the cosmic Individual, to get beyond itself and know and live in some supreme Being, Consciousness and Bliss of existence.  For this immense task it is equipped only with the instruments of its original Ignorance.  Its limited being is the cause of all the difficulty, discord, struggle, division that mars life.  The limitation of its consciousness, unable to dominate or assimilate the contacts of the universal Energy, is the cause of all its suffering, pain and sorrow.  Its limited power of consciousness formulated in an ignorant will unable to grasp or follow the right law of its life and action is the cause of all its error, wrongdoing and evil.  There is no other true cause; for all apparent causes are themselves circumstance and result of this original sin of the being.  Only when it rises and widens out of this limited separative consciousness into the oneness of the liberated Spirit, can it escape from these results of its growth out of the Inconscience.”


Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle: The Psychology of Social Development, Chapter 16,  The Suprarational Ultimate of Life, pp. 169-170