The Wellsprings of Human Aspiration for Growth, Expansion and Consciousness

When a tree grows from a seed, it is not a random action of matter, but a coordinated, highly detailed event of information involved and stored in the physical seed.  Without that encoded specification, the seed could not produce a specific type of tree with specific characteristics.  Similarly, when we look at the development of human life, we see specific characteristics manifest themselves that could not be the result of random chance, but were clearly encoded within the nature of the human being.  This involution of consciousness, which evolves, step by step in the progressions of Nature, is the key to understanding the meaning of our lives and the aspirations that drive us towards ever-greater awareness.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “…we see what through it all it is obscurely seeking, trying to grasp and form, feeling out for in its own higher impulses and deepest motives, and why these are in it — useless, perturbing and chimerical if it were only an animal product of inconscient Nature, — these urgings towards self-discovery, mastery, unity, freedom from its lower self, spiritual release.  Evolving out of its first involved condition in Matter and in plant life, effecting a first imperfect organised consciousness in the animal it arrives in man, the mental being, at the possibility of a new, a conscious evolution which will bring it to its goal and at a certain stage of his development it wakes in him the overmastering impulse to pass on from mental to spiritual being.  Life cannot arrive at its secret ultimates by following its first infrarational motive forces of instinct and desire; for all here is a groping and seeking without finding, a field of brief satisfactions stamped with the Inconscient’s seal of insufficiency and impermanence.  But neither can human reason give it what it searches after; for reason can only establish half-lights and a provisional order.  There with man as he is the upward urge in life cannot rest satisfied always; its evolutionary impulse cannot stop short at this transitional term, this half-achievement.  It has to aim at a higher scale of consciousness, deliver out of life and mind something that is still latent and inchoate.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle: The Psychology of Social Development, Chapter 16,  The Suprarational Ultimate of Life, pp. 170-171

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