The Seed of Divinity in the Human Being

The dissatisfaction experienced by those who have developed their capacities of mind and who are no longer able to accept their sole purpose as fulfilling the needs of the body or the drives of the vital nature, points to the transitional nature of man as the first being to express the higher mental capabilities and manifest the ability to reflect on the significance of life, the purpose and meaning of his existence, and his direction of development.  No longer content with the fulfillment of animal drives and needs, the developing human being seeks for something unseen and unknown, but felt and experienced within, an aspiration that points the way for the evolutionary process within which he is developing.  How should we find and identify this higher purpose?  The vital force developed out of Matter.  The mental capacity developed out of those beings who embodied the vital force.  We can see that this progression continues, and that the next phase of development must come from the maturing mental being of man.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “Nietzsche’s idea that to develop the superman out of our present very unsatisfactory manhood is our real business, is in itself an absolutely sound teaching.  His formulation of our aim, ‘to become ourselves’, ‘to exceed ourselves’, implying, as it does, that man has not yet found all his true self, his true nature by which he can successfully and spontaneously live, could not be bettered.”

“”What is it that which is growing in us, but into which we have not yet grown?  It is something divine, is the answer, a divinity Olympian, Apollonian, Dionysiac, which the reasoning and consciously willing animal, man, is labouring more or less obscurely to become.  Certainly, it is all that; but in what shall we find the seed of that divinity and what is the poise in which the superman, once self-found, can abide and be secure from lapse into this lower and imperfect manhood?”

The human intellect struggles and remains confused, imperfect and influenced by the animal nature.  It has some higher tendencies, but they are not free, powerful and perfect.  After millennia of development, it becomes more or less clear that this is not the final term of the evolutionary cycle that solves the riddle of our existence.

“Therefore we say, not the intellect and will, but that supreme thing in us yet higher than the Reason, the spirit, here concealed behind the coatings of our lower nature, is the secret seed of the divinity and will be, when discovered and delivered, luminous above the mind, the wide ground upon which a divine life of the human being can be with security founded.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle: The Psychology of Social Development, Chapter 22, The Necessity of the Spiritual Transformation, pp. 232-233