Realising Three Essential Truths of Existence

What do we mean when we speak about a spiritualised human life and a spiritualised society?  Does it mean turning our society into a theocracy under control of a specific religion or set of beliefs?  Does it mean subordinating the individual to an external standard of conduct or coda?  Sri Aurobindo addresses this question by pointing out that there are three essential conditions of realisation that represent spirituality.

“… a spiritual human society would start from and try to realise three essential truths of existence which all Nature seems to be an attempt to hide by their opposites and which therefore are as yet for the mass of mankind only words and dreams, God, freedom, unity.  Three things which are one, for you cannot realise freedom and unity unless you realise God, you cannot possess freedom and unity unless you possess God, possess at once your highest Self and the Self of all creatures.  The freedom and unity which otherwise go by that name, are simply attempts of our subjection and our division to get away from themselves by shutting their eyes while they turn somersaults around their own centre.  When man is able to see God and to possess him, then he will know real freedom and arrive at real unity, never otherwise.  And God is only waiting to be known, while man seeks for him everywhere and creates images of the Divine, but all the while truly finds, effectively erects and worships images only of his own mind-ego and life-ego.  When this ego pivot is abandoned and this ego-hunt ceases, then man gets his first real chance of achieving spirituality in his inner and outer life.  It will not be enough, but it will be a commencement, a true gate and not a blind entrance.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle: The Psychology of Social Development, Chapter 23, Conditions for the Coming of a Spiritual Age, pp. 254-255


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