Looking for Signs of Readiness for the Development of a Spiritual Age of Humanity

How shall we know when humanity is ready to move toward a spiritual age that focuses on individual growth in freedom, combined with a sense of universality and oneness with all of creation?  We can look for signs in the way the mass of humanity begins to look at and consider its purpose and direction.  To date we find a vast preoccupation with fulfillment of desire, individual and collective egoism, and separation and conflict.  There are signs among certain leading individuals around the world of a turn towards this new spiritual perspective and direction, and the rise of certain collectivities to try to embody this perspective.

Sri Aurobindo notes:  “The spiritual age will be ready to set in when the common mind of man begins to be alive to these truths and to be moved or desire to be moved by this triple or triune Spirit.  That will mean the turning of the cycle of social development which we have been considering out of its incomplete repetitions on a new upward line towards its goal.  For having set out, according to our supposition, with a symbolic age, an age in which man felt a great Reality behind all life which he sought through symbols, it will reach an age in which it will begin to live in that Reality, not through the symbol, not by the power of the type or of the convention or of the individual reason and intellectual will, but in our own highest nature which will be the nature of that Reality fulfilled in the conditions — not necessarily the same as now — of terrestrial existence.  This is what the religions have seen with a more or less adequate intuition, but most often as in a glass darkly, that which they called the kingdom of God on earth, — his kingdom within in man’s spirit and therefore, for the one is the material result of the effectivity of the other, his kingdom without in the life of the peoples.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle: The Psychology of Social Development, Chapter 23, Conditions for the Coming of a Spiritual Age, pg. 260

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