The Supreme Word: Vibratory Patterns That Create the Universal Manifestation, Part 2

Western science, over the last 150 years or so, has come to recognise that the entire material world consists of and undergoes changes as a result of vibrations.  The electro-magnetic spectrum defines a range of vibrational frequencies.  Matter has been found to be convertible into Energy.  Energy creates forms and forces changes in those forms, thus proving the Vedic concept of the “Word” in its supreme sense creating the world of forms.

Mantra brings the science of vibratory energy into the human level.  If we reflect we find that we are moved by words that carry ideas or emotions.  This is the practical reality behind mob psychology and behind the phenomenon of emotional expressions of love, hatred, fear or other responses to words expressed with a real energy behind them.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “Let us suppose a conscious use of the vibrations of sound which will produce corresponding forms or changes of form.  But Matter is only, in the ancient view, the lowest of the planes of existence.  Let us realise then that a vibration of sound on the material plane presupposes a corresponding vibration on the vital without which it could not have come into play; that again presupposes a corresponding originative vibration on the mental; the mental presupposes a corresponding originative vibration on the supramental at the very root of things.  But a mental vibration implies thought and perception and a supramental vibration implies a supreme vision and discernment.  All vibration of sound on that higher plane is, then, instinct with and expressive of this supreme discernment of a truth in things and is at the same time creative, instinct with a supreme power which casts into forms the truth discerned and eventually, descending from plane to plane, reproduces it in the physical form or object created in Matter by etheric sound.  Thus we see that the theory of creation by the Word which is the absolute expression of the Truth, and the theory of the material creation by sound-vibration in the ether correspond and are two logical poles of the same idea.”

“This, then, is the supreme Word, Speech of our speech.  It is vibration of pure Existence, instinct with the perceptive and originative power of infinite and omnipotent consciousness, shaped by the Mind behind mind into the inevitable word of the Truth of things; out of whatever substance on whatever plane, the form or physical expression emerges by its creative agency.  The Supermind using the Word is the creative Logos.”

“The Word has its seed-sounds — suggesting the eternal syllable of the Veda, A U M, and the seed-sounds of the Tantriks which stand behind the revelatory and inspired speech that comes to man’s supreme faculties, and these compel the forms of things in the universe; it has its rhythms, — for it is no disordered vibration, but moves out into great cosmic measures, — and according to the rhythm is the law, arrangement, harmony, processes of the world it builds.  Life itself is a rhythm of God.”

“…that which expresses speech in us, brings it up out of our consciousness with its strivings to raise up the truth of things to our mind, is Brahman himself as the Word, a Thing that is in the supreme superconscience.  That Word, Speech of our speech, is in its essence of Power the Eternal himself and in its supreme movements a part of his very form and everlasting spiritual body….”

Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, Kena Upanishad and analysis, pp. 101-102, 124-128