Mind and Supermind, Part 2

The human standpoint starts from the view of separate, fragmented individuality.  The divine standpoint starts at the opposite end of the spectrum, seeing the unity of all creation and consciousness, and treating the individual manifestations, beings, forces and events as data points in a coordinated oneness.  From the human standpoint, it is incomprehensible how Matter can eventually develop Life, and Life eventually develop Mind.  From the divine standpoint, it is clear that all of these forms are part of a continuum of consciousness and that the higher expressions of awareness are already involved in the lower, just as the genetic coding for the tree is secretly involved in the physical seed.   We can observe the signs of mind being prepared for what is beyond Mind if we look carefully.

Sri Aurobindo explains:  “But as Matter is constantly prepared for the manifestation of Life until Life is able to move in it, possess it, manage in it its own action and reaction, and as Life is constantly prepared for the manifestation of Mind until Mind is able to use it, enlighten its actions and reactions by higher and higher mental values, so must it be with Mind and that which is beyond Mind.  And all this progression is possible because these things are only different formations of one being and one consciousness.  Life only reveals in Matter that which is involved in Matter, that which is the secret meaning and essence of Matter.  It reveals, as it were, to material existence its own soul, its own end.  So too Mind reveals in Life all that Life means, all that it obscurely is in essence but cannot realise because it is absorbed in its own practical motion and its own characteristic form.  So also Supermind must intervene to reveal Mind to itself, to liberate it from its absorption in its own practical motion and characteristic form and enable the mental being to realise that which is the hidden secret of all its formal practice and action.  Thus shall man come to the knowledge of that which rules within him and missions his mind to its mark, sends forth his speech, impels the life-force in its paths and sets his senses to their workings.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, Kena Upanishad and analysis, pg. 102, 136-141